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Why Study At IESUMB

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Why Study At IESUMB

If quality education really matters to you, IES Uchcha Madyamic Bidyalaya (School & College) will be one of the best institutions you can trust on in building up your children’s career. Education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can stand erect with dignity if proper education suiting the requirement of modern days cannot be imparted. So, IES Uchcha Madyamic Bidyalaya (School & College) from the very beginning of its journey since 1982 has never compromised in the question of imparting quality education.


This institution has enough space. It has separate academic buildings for school and college. We have separate section for boys and girls. Class rooms are full with modern logistic supports. We have well-equipped science lab (physics, chemistry, biology) and computer lab which are always modernized keeping pace with the advanced technology at a regular basis.  The library of this institution is also furnished with a large number of books of various subjects.


We attach much importance to discipline. All the students must abide by the rules and regulations of the institution.It is mandatory for every student to attend classes daily. Absence in the class is not allowed without the permission of the authority. If any student remains absent he/she cannot attend the class the next day without permission. The same is true in case of attending exams. 50/- fine for each day has to be paid for being absent without permission.


All  the teachers of lab are sincere, well-trained, have their degrees from reputed universities like Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, Rajshahi University, Chittagong University and other renowned public universities. To ensure quality education and professionalism of teachers, training is arranged when it is required at the initiative of the institution.


As IES Uchcha Madyamic Bidyalaya (School & College) is located at the center of Uttara, it enjoys several layers of security facilities. The entry of students, guardians and guests is strictly controlled by duty teachers and security guards. Maximum classroom has got CCTV and all of the activities are monitored and recorded regularly.


We believe that only syllabus oriented study does not explore the potentiality of a student. In addition to running regular class activities, IES Uchcha Madyamic Bidyalaya (School & College) arranges science fair, debate competition, math Olympiad, Bio-Chemistry Olympiad, general knowledge, cultural and games and sports competitions.


Proper and decent cultural program is not only a good source of entertainment but also they motivate students to continue their study with great enthusiasm. The sports program of IES Uchcha Madyamic Bidyalaya (School & College) display is really very enchanting and bears high standard. The annual cultural program organizedIES School & College is also enthralling. Every year several study tours are arranged in various selected spots. Especial attention is given here to ensure best educational output. Students also participate in different national exhibitions.  Cultural program and competitions are regularly organized in the well decorated auditorium on different national occasions.


IES Uchcha Madyamic Bidyalaya (School & College), surely, has made its mark as one of the best institutions in Bangladesh. Other public universities. It has outstanding success in debate, science fair, math Olympiad and different types of cultural competitions both at area and national level. We continuously endeavor to make the resources for education huge to shape the future leaders.

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